King art ceramics


广东欧雅陶瓷有限公司是一家专业生产仿古地砖、抛光砖、内墙砖、外墙砖的大型现代化企业。旗下拥有三大产品研发、生产基地——佛山南海、广东清远、广东肇庆基地。营 销 大 楼 欧雅陶瓷有限公司以“创欧雅陶瓷精优品质,为顾客创造更高价值”为质量方针,严格实施ISO9001和ISO14000国际质量、环境标准体系管理,确保了欧雅陶瓷有限公司下辖品牌“欧美陶瓷”、“奥米茄陶瓷”、“意利宝陶瓷”、“金欧雅陶瓷”、“珈玛磁砖” 、“金陶名家磁砖”等陶瓷系列产品的优良品质。

欧雅集团 旗下品牌

Guangdong Ouya Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a large modern enterprise specializing in the production of antique floor tiles, polished tiles, interior wall tiles and exterior wall tiles. It has three major R&D and production bases: Foshan Nanhai, Qingyuan and Zhaoqing. The marketing building Ouya Ceramics Co., Ltd. takes "Creating superior quality of Ouya ceramics and creating higher value for customers" as its quality policy, strictly implements ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 international quality and environmental standard system management, and ensures the brand of Ouya Ceramics Co., Ltd. "Euramerican Ceramics", "Omega Ceramics", "Yilibao Ceramics", "Golden Ouya Ceramics" and "Gama Magnet Bricks". The excellent quality of ceramic series products such as "Jintao Famous Family Magnetite Brick" and "Jintao Famous Family Magnetite Brick".


The cultural speciality of ceramics lies not only in its reflection of a wide range of social life, nature, culture, customs, philosophy, and ideas but also in the way it reflects. It is a kind of three-dimensional national cultural carrier, or a kind of static national culture dance. This is determined by the characteristics of the ceramic.